Dec 10

Featured Mapper: Big Blue Trunk

So how did we find the more than 26,000 kid-friendly places mapped in our Mom Maps iPhone app? We’ve been building  a vibrant community of parent Mappers who love to share their favorite picks and places for family travel, outdoor and indoor play, learning places, family dining and more. We’d like to introduce you to Big Blue Trunk, a great new online community and resource for family travel.

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On Big Blue Trunk, you can find family travel articles with practical tips and expert advice on destinations ranging from estinations ranging from Carmel, Yosemite and Tahoe in Northern California to New York City and Hawaii. Big Blue Trunk also features reviews on hotels, restaurants, things to do and products.

We’re proud to team up with Big Blue Trunk to map some of their favorite kid-friendly destinations. So now you can take their family travel picks and recommendations “on the go” using the Mom Maps iPhone app (or browse kid-friendly places online at www.kidsplayguide.com.)

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Sep 10

Mobile Apps: Essential Links and Resources for Families

(Image by William Hook)

There are so many new smart phone products on the market every day. It’s difficult to keep up, let along sift through it all to find the family-friendly gems. Most of the parents I know have a growing list of questions and concerns about the increasing role that technology is playing in our everyday family life, especially where kids are concerned. But whether you’re gung-ho or on the fence, this is a trend that here to stay. Luckily there are a lot of great resources to help parents make informed choices.

It was an interest in mobile technology “for parents, by parents” that led me to co-found Moms with Apps, a community of parents developing mobile applications for families and kids. Our philosophy has always been to support collaboration and honest information sharing among parents as a means to create truly exceptional (and truly family-friendly) mobile applications. It’s been exciting to watch our group flourish over the last two years and to see the diversity and creativity of our members at work. Applications span reading (PicPocketBooks, Tales2Go, AppyZoo Duck Duck Moose), learning (Math Girl Number Garden, Arithmaroo Counting, Kids Time Fun – Learn to Tell Time),  fun and creativity (Faces iMake, Cupcakes!, Build a Zoo, Snow Globe Maker), as well as road trips and travel (My Little Suitcase, Sunday Drive, Road Trip Bingo). My app, Mom Maps, helps parents find and share their favorite kid-friendly locations from parks to playgrounds, indoor play places, museums and restaurants (more than 24,000 kid spots and counting).

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. For parents taking the smart phone plunge (or just thinking about it), here are some of my  favorite links and resources for navigating the world of smart phones and a few links for those interested in developing their own app.

Have a great idea for an app? There are great resources for that as well:


Jill Seman is a San Francisco Bay mom, the creator of Mom Maps and one of the co-counders of Moms with Apps. She has over 15 years of engineering and management experience with media processing companies like Nvidia, S3, Cirrus Logic and Chips and Technologies.