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Tuba City Dinosaur Tracks

Hwy 160
Moenkopi, AZ

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At the Tuba City Dinosaur Tracks, located remotely in the Arizona desert, it is possible to view fossilized dinosaur tracks. Before stopping there recently on a long road trip, I had read mixed reviews (both concerning the validity of the tracks and the expertise of the local hosts of the site). After visiting, I'd have to guess that both good and bad are well-founded, because one's experience can vary greatly. Located near the Four Corners area within the Navajo Nation, the attraction is not flashy. In fact, I wouldnt even call it an attraction. If you don't know what you're looking for, the single handmade sign directing you off Highway 160 is not likely to catch your attention. Out in the middle of the acrid desert, you drive down about 100 yards to a dusty parking lot, where a representative of the Navajo lands will greet you and tour you through a series of fossilized prints from the Jurassic period. For more info visit Pitstops for Kids: http://bit.ly/FjJ3r

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