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Sulphur Creek Nature Center

1801 D Street
Hayward, CA 94507

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The Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward has programs for children down to age 1. The Toddler Time program specifically involves an introduction to various animals and a related craft. There is always some hands-on petting, close observation of the animal's free movement/behavior, and often the feeding of live worms, seeds, or flowers. After class we have a nice picnic in the company of coyotes, foxes, owls, falcons, hawks, or even a golden eagle after each class. It's also a steal at $7 even with an added convenience fee of $2 per transaction (where 1 transaction could involve purchasing multiple sessions). We've attended 4 of these Toddler Time sessions thus far. I've had a chinchilla run up my arm. We've played peek-a-boo with a duck. And we've petted a snake, chicken, hamster, dove, toad, desert tortoise etc. These are rescued animals with disabilities. They have been well-socialized so they can perform their unique skills on demand for the kids to witness.

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