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The Alamo

300 Alamo Plaza
San Antonio, TX 78205-2606

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Without a doubt, the attraction that places San Antonio's name on the map. "Alamo" actually means cottonwood, the native poplar. The city's first Spanish mission, today its ruins serve more as a shrine to the brave defenders who fell in battle in March of 1836 during the struggle for independence from Mexico. See more at Family Travel Forum: http://bit.ly/ck1fCV


After walking through the skimpy display of Old West props and cowboy tools, a narrator recounted the history of San Antonio from painted murals, which were illuminated at the mention of each incident. The music swelled and lights flashed on and off; grandparents were stunned but for a few minutes the kids were enthralled. Then, both live actors and extremely ethereal -- but captivating -- holograms of Alamo participants read letters and diaries about the 13-day siege. Though the multimedia elements were uneven in quality, the experience successfully conveyed the Alamo's human drama to everyone. See more at Family Travel Forum: http://bit.ly/hYHsni


Walk the Alamo's lovely grounds, toss pennies for luck into a fountain, wander through the compound's three buildings, and read about why we should Remember the Alamo, all for free! More at Travel Mama: http://bit.ly/9ELuKv

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