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It's Italia

401 Main Street
CA 94019

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It's Italia is a good dining option in Half Moon Bay - kid friendly, lively, fairly big, extensive menu. They just recently moved into a sizeable space on Main Street. We were there on a Saturday night when there was a fun & bustling atmosphere & the bar was packed with locals enjoying themselves. Even if your kid screamed, there's no way anyone would hear them!


As always, we have remained faithful to sustainability, supporting local growers and producers, bringing produce and cheeses from local farms, meats and poultry from quality and organic growers, seafood from local waters, and selected wines from local wineries. Most importantly, we are a community restaurant that serves locals. Lots of locals! The kids menu is in the works at Its Italia. While we are waiting for Betsy to deliver a healthy master piece you can go ahead and ask for what you need: create a fresh veggie, low-fat pizza (sprinkle on your own when it comes to the table), lots of yummy salads and do ak for kids portions. The staff at Its Italia will help you with a smile! For more on healthy recommendations for kids menu see GiveKidsHeatlthy choices at: http://bit.ly/cwklCu.

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