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Dim Sum King

824 W. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 739-1551

Added by: littlelegs

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Healthier fast food! There's no food coloring in the BBQ pork buns; the steamed spare ribs are meaty, tender, and not all fat; and the steamed spinach and shrimp dumplings are delicious! Kids might also enjoy the velvety tofu (only the thin skin has evidence of being deep fried) and the steamed sticky rice in lotus leaf. The offerings are served tapas-style usually $2.25 for 3 dumplings or $1.10 for each of the larger BBQ pork buns. They have the usual Chinese take- out in their steam trays but I find the dim sum plenty filling. The hot items are all in warming cabinets so if you really want the best experience, just take it home and put it in a steamer for a few minutes. Ahh... decent food without the noise, the wait, and the tipping.

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