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  • Roosevelt Park

    This is one of my favorite parks in Albuquerque. It consists of grassy hills with extremely large trees throughout the park that provides plenty of shade, which is very useful in the summers. It is very clean and very pleasant to simply relax on a nice warm/hot day. It also has a playground area where the kiddies can enjoy themselves while you relax in the shade.

  • Socorro Springs Brewing Company

    I have been coming to this resteraunt for ten years now. I absolutely love it. It has a great atmosphere and of course it is very family friendly. Has a very god kids menu as well. And friendly on the wallet too. Also never hesitate to complain about your order being not right, the staff is incredible at accommodating their clients. If you are ever in town definitely come try this place.

  • Lake Metroparks Farmpark

    Great farm experience for kids of all ages. The farm includes: horses, cows, lamas, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, rabbits, etc. Also includes an education museum, and a solar farm. Very education and fun for everyone!

  • Niagara Falls State Park

    Going to Niagara Falls is an amazing experience whether you only see it from the US side or get to go to the Canadian side too. The falls are surrounded by a park on the US side. You can also go down a cave elevator and experience the falls from the bottom. It is a wonderful place to spend the day with your kids looking at the falls and then running around the park.

  • Mimi's Cafe

    This place has the most amazing breakfast! They serve all meals however. It is very family friendly and the staff is very nice too.

  • Tickles and Snooks Wings & Things

    Looks can be deceiving! This place may not look like much but the food is amazing! I had never seen my son devour fish like that! Definitely try the sweet potato fries as well! Everything we had was amazing! The staff was very friendly as well.

  • Range Cafe

    This place is definitely a family style restaurant. The food is very good too but for such homestyle cooking it is a bit on the pricey side. A good place for brunch.

  • New Mexico Tech Park

    This is a university campus park. The park has a swing set, a beautiful rock layout and and play area for kids. You can sit and relax while your kids have fun or join in on the fun with them. Behind the park is a golf course with a small duck pond where you can feed the ducks and geese. My son loves coming here.

  • Flying Star Cafe

    Whether I come alone to get my work done or bring my family this place always makes me very happy. The food is amazing, the coffee is to die for, and the desserts will make you forget all about your problems. Their breakfast is my most favorite. And oh did I mention this place is very family friendly? The staff is always nice and there is free Wi-Fi as well. The patio seating has the most amazing view of the Sandia Mountains. Best place to come for a weekend brunch.

  • Buca Di Beppo

    This is definitely the most family friendly restaurant I have ever been to. The staff is super friendly, and the food is great! The cuisine is Norther Italian.

  • Tuscanos Brazilian Grill

    This place is pretty nice. It is definitely a one of a kind dining experience and of course very family friendly. There is an all you can eat buffet and the BBQed meat is brought to you as long as you keep wishing for it. I give it four stars mainly because it can get REALLY noisy here sometimes--mainly its just bad acoustics in the building. Otherwise it is a wonderful place. And its next to a movie theater and an ice cream shop so you can make a whole evening out of it!

  • The Hinkle Family Fun Center

    This is a pretty typical arcade, game sort of place. I took my todler here but besides the go-cart racing he was not really into anything else. This is probably better for the older kids. Not the super cleanest place either but I guess that is normal for arcades.

  • Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway

    This is a beautiful ride up the Sandia Mountain to its peak. Any kid would enjoy this! And the view of course is amazing. The restaurant at the peak is a bit pricey for its quality of food but the restaurant at the base is much better and worth eating at after your ride down. In the winter you can also use the tram to ski at the Sandia Peak ski resort if they are open. In warmer weather there are several trails you can hike around the peak. Can keep your kiddos busy and tire them out here for sure!

  • Roosevelt Park, Albquerque

    This is one of my favorite parks in Albuquerque. It consists of grassy hills with extremely large trees throughout the park that provides plenty of shade, which is very useful in the summers. It is very clean and very pleasant to simply relax on a nice warm/hot day. It also has a playground area where the kiddies can enjoy themselves while you relax in the shade.

  • Rio Grande Zoo

    This is a little oasis heaven in the middle of the desert. I take my toddler here for an all day trip at least every couple of months. They have great animals here and the zoo environment is wonderful! There is a great little ice cream shop by the stage too which we always enjoy during a break.

  • Frontier Restaurant

    This is a restaurant located in the university area of Albuquerque. The food here is good however this is more of a college scene rather than a family place. It is still kid friendly but there are definitely other places in the area that would cater to a family much better.

  • Albuquerque Aquarium and Rio Grande Botanic Garden

    The aquarium and the botanic garden is something you can experience in one day for the same ticket price. The botanical garden is fun no matter what season you visit there. There are so many exciting nooks and gardens to explore for all ages. In the Fall you can jump into huge piles of leaves, in the Winter you can see the amazing light show, in the Spring you can see everything bloom, and in the Summer there are so much beauty and color that you can get lost there for days! The aquarium is small but very nice nonetheless. There is plenty to explore and learn there for your little ones!

  • Albuquerque Biological Park

    The Abq Bio Park consists of several parks which include the Zoo, the Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, and Tingley Beach. There is a separate review for the Zoo. I have not been to Tingley Beach either. But the Aquarium and the Botanical Gardens are absolutely amazing. I went there recently for the first time and took my husband and my toddler. We all really enjoyed our time there. The aquarium is small but really nice for its size. The botanical gardens are also amazing! The garden contains many attractions besides just plants, which include a castle with giant vegetable and bug statues, a maze, a slide, etc. There is also a huge setup of a miniature train set which has wonderful little working trains. Kept my son amused for a while. There is a green house set up with various wild plants and bugs on exhibit. In the winter they put on a beautiful light show. Check out there website for more info: http://www.cabq.gov/biopark/ Oh and did I mention one $7 ticket for an adult will get you into the aquarium and the garden. There is a combo ticket that includes the zoo too but I would separate those out.

  • Explore

    Explora is an on hands museum experience for kids of all ages. Here kids can touch, play, and even try to break with just about every exhibit which include toys, science exhibits from just about ever aspect of science and engineering, water games, etc. They even have a closed off play area for little tiny babies to crawl, lay around and play. I love taking my son here because we can spend a whole day here! Our whole family absolutely loves this place!

  • Los Cerritos Park

    For Los Lunas this is a nice park. I take my toddler here quiet often during the warm season. The park includes a playground area for little ones and the older ones. Nothing out of the ordinary though. It's fairly clean as well.

  • Slate Street Cafe

    My husband and I just discovered this little piece of haven. It is small restaurant with a very American menu with a twist. Urbanspoon rates the priciness as $$ out of four $. Expect to spend about $15-20 per person here. The great thing about this place is that the food is amazing, the staff is very friendly and this is definitely a kid friendly place. A great place for Sunday morning breakfast or brunch.

  • New Mexico Museum of Natural Histor

    This is a great museum to come back to season after season. They change exhibits quiet often which makes each trip exciting every time. Last time we went here they had the space exhibit which my son simply went ballistic from. There is also the Albuquerque Planetarium attached to museum (for extra charge) which has some of the most amazing shows I have ever seen!

  • New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

    This is a great little museum for not being one of the major ones like in NY or LA. One can spend a few hours here exploring the dinosaurs and the space exhibits. The museum also has a planetarium attached to it (extra charge) which has some incredible shows and not just astronomy relate. A great place to go to on a bad weather day.

  • Texas Roadhouse

    If you like steak (or chicken) this place is great! It is incredibly family friendly and you get unlimited amount of peanuts that keeps your kids busy throughout dinner (they have to take the shells off). The wait on Fridays and Saturdays can be really lot so calling ahead might be smart! Oh and the steaks are great and not too much on your pocket!!!!

  • Redondo Beach Public Library

    I grew up in this library. It nurtured me from middle school through high school. Whenever I travel back to Redondo I take my son there to hang out and check out books and toys. He is only 3 but he always has fun here. And some mind stimulation the beach is really close to go and let loose.

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