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  • Flavor Bistro

    Kid friendly restaurant with great food. Fountain outside with grass for the kids to play. Grown up food in a place that nicely accomodates children.

  • East-West - Sebastapol

    Great HEALTHY organic, kid friendly, restricted diet accommodating.

  • Sugarloaf Park

    Real nice.

  • Franklin Park Playground

    Soccer field, 2 play structures for younger kids (2-5) and older kids (5-8).

  • Wee Three Peas

    Used, new and consignment children's clothing. All types, including fancy European brands. Eco toys and wooden toys and no weird plastics. Eco shoes. 2-3 times a year they rent out a huge space and do a big used clothing sale.

  • The Pottery Studio

    Fun. Free handprint tile for little ones. Best for kids 3 and up, but accommodates younger kids too. Do pottery and come back in 3-4 weeks for the finished product.

  • Community Market - Santa Rosa

    Great for alternate diets - no meat. By school.

  • Adels

    A step above Dennys. A greasy spoon that accommodates kids. Bunny pancakes, club sandwiches good for old and young. Try for table in the back for active kids.

  • Howarth Park

    A city, state, and county park all in one! Its huge. The mile walk around Spring Lake is stroller friendly. Not really a swimming spot but there are paddle boats. Also a huge playground with water play area for the kids. Train, pony rides and petting zoo are seasonal.

  • The China Room

    Good food. Large portions. Organic chicken. Accomodating, but not super friendly but good with kids.

  • East / West Cafe

    Excellent for anyone with any kind of food allergies / restrictions. They have 2 vegan soups every day.

  • Black Bear Diner

    Breakfast place a step above Denny's. Kid accommodating. Crayons and a kid menu. Noisy enough and manageable with kids. Lots of food, reasonable price.

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