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  • Kilburne Grange Adventure Playground

    I think this design is particularly brilliant at incorporating the sense of risk, and encouraging risk-taking (love that canted log rope-walk), within a 'safe' structure. Notice also the use of doors as a motif (who doesn't want to open a door into a secret land!) and in the best tradition of repurposed materials on the adventure playground. See more on playscapes: http://bit.ly/e1KFt2

  • Schulberg Playground

    Brilliant! I'm impressed by the way this single structure offers play challenges for all ages. For a playground situated in the city center, architects Annabau designed a continuous climbing structure that winds through existing trees. Twists and height changes of its frame not only increase the play interest, but also respond to the site; creating entrance frames into the interior, space for additional play eqipment like swings, and lookouts that complement the architecture of the center city. See more at playscapes: http://bit.ly/m15p8v

  • Modular Climbing Boxes in Kodomo No Kumi

    Great modular climbing boxes at Kodomo No Kuni park in Yokohama City. gives this structure a nice retro feel. See more at playscapes at http://bit.ly/jWaIeM

  • La Ville Molle

    Also known as "soft city" where the ground shifts. This surprising, playful intervention was co-produced by the National School of Art de Bourges. See more on playscapes: http://bit.ly/nk7tWv

  • Kilda's Adventure Playground

    Amazing colorful play space with fun tires and slides. See more at playscapes at http://bit.ly/2SC4M.

  • Saint Kilda Adventure Playground

    Amazing four acre playground with an incredible wooden castle and full size boat! See more at playscapes at http://bit.ly/2SC4M.

  • Kunsthof-Passage

  • Wave Field

    Amazing outdoor grassy sculpture (with dips and crests) designed by architect Maya Lin. See more at playscapes at http://bit.ly/2SC4M.

  • Goresbrook park

    Beautiful park with a "green sofa" constructed in the ground. See more at playscapes at http://bit.ly/2SC4M.

  • Dell Children's Hospital

    Right outside the hospital is a colorful and bright maze that kids can run through and explore in. See more at playscapes at http://bit.ly/2SC4M.

  • Blanton Museum of Art

    The museum has a large outdoor installation of bright yellow stringy rubber tubes that kids can tie into knots, or grab in bunches to climb or swing, or just run through! See more at playscapes at http://bit.ly/2SC4M.

  • Lyveden New Bield

    Today you can enjoy an experience of an Elizabethan garden with moats, mounts, terracing and intriguing garden lodge. Period fruit trees recreate what was described as 'one of the fairest orchards in England', and the circular labyrinth reflects Tresham's original garden design. Lyveden is a place where you can relax in peace, explore with the new audio guide or venture further and discover Rockingham Forest. See more at playscapes: http://bit.ly/q2rKqz

  • Louis-Hafliger-Park

    Amazing natural playground with earth mounds to climb on and intentionally old school playground equipment. See more at playscapes: http://bit.ly/q2rKqz

  • Kilburn Grange Park

    Amazing playground built among the trees. With tree houses, eclectic doors, a log rope walk, and lots of other fun, natural climbing structures. A true adventure playground! See more at playscapes at http://bit.ly/2SC4M.

  • Evelyn Court Playground

    Very unique and interesting park with playground hills and climbing structures. See more at playscapes at http://bit.ly/2SC4M.

  • Oppenheimer Park

    Gorgeous park with a rich history. The playground is set amongst a grove of cherry trees providing shade in the summer. It features a water pump, weir and water channel that ties the entire play area together. It also features a double swing set, climbing poles and a "wyldwood" climbing structure. The playground is entirely accessible to children of all abilities. See more at playscapes at http://bit.ly/2SC4M

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