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  • Jacksons cafe

    I don't think there has ever been a more deserving of 5 balloon restaurant for families than this. Amazing menu, nice staff and a built in playground outside.

  • National geographic play area

    Great spot to burn some calories after a trip to the mall.

  • Northgate play space

    Fun machines, there is an outdoor play place right outside

  • Prada 22

    Amazing puerto rican food, reasonable cost, lively atmosphere and a drawing table for kids. New favorite restaurant

  • Sea lions at pier 39

    Fun free stop in the midst of the tourists

  • Scottsdale ranch park

    very nice, well maintained play ground and park with a wide variety of activities. small playground, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. there are shady picnic areas too.

  • Mcdonalds play place

    a fun jungle gym but a little too much for my 20 month old with all the big kids. No balls either. I will not give it a rating of sanitary either with barefoot kids walking past my husband in the restroom stepping in urine and whatever else.

  • In n out

    yum, they even gave my daughter In n out stickers!

  • Sports Basement

    all the toys you need to entertain your child before,after,or during a shopping trip for sporty stuff.

  • Old town swings

    There isn't more than a few swings and a picnic bench but sometimes that is all you need.

  • Joes crabshack

    joes is not my kind of place but I am sure kids would love it:)

  • Fat city

    very old style to match old town. they have a kids menu too.

  • Marina library storytime

    story time is at 10:15 Mondays and is designed for 18-32 months. it is a combination of songs and stories. The librarian is very engaging plus you can take your favorite books home with you!

  • Camelback Mountain

    My favorite thing to do in Phoenix. I saw a few kids doing it too but don't recommend it for kids under 5. it's pretty challenging.

  • Morse sugarworks Woodshed theater

    funny movie about the making of pure maple syrup. an old, fairly racist, old man takes you through the process.

  • Morse sugarworks farm

    educational little museum and shop. there is a theater with a show on how to make syrup and a small tasting area. they only do sugaring in the spring but the museum and store is always open

  • Green goddess cafe

    this cafe has good healthy food and kid snacks. there is a small toy basket in the back to entertain little ones for small meals.

  • Stowe mountain resort gameroom

    a few arcade games but not much for younger kids.

  • Old stagecoach inn

    all you can eat, set price ($12), menu and small buffet.

  • Waterbury park

    not much to speak of but there is a free wifi hot spot and a few surrounding cafes and a breakfast spot ( not open weekends)

  • Echo

    a really fun and educational play space for all ages.

  • Presidio playground

    really well done new playground! no sand!!!!! fake squishy grass.

  • Presidio playground

    there is actually a sand pit and not even the gated fence could keep my girl out. it is getting everywhere so we will see how well they maintain keeping sand in one area:)

  • Presidio playground

    It has been closed a few months and still being worked on march 2011

  • Granite Sculptures of Hope Cemetery

    I-89 Exit 7, bypass toward Barre, cross Main St. at the light, continue north on Rt. 14.

  • Jay Peak Aerial Tramway

    Beautiful views and nice place for a picnic

  • North Vermont St. Johnsbury Athenaeum

    Athenaeum 1. "An institution, such as a literary club or scientific academy, for the promotion of learning." 2. "A place, such as a library, where printed materials are available for reading." - American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Ed. The Athenaeum in Athens was a sanctuary of Athena (goddess of wisdom, fertility, the useful arts, and prudent warfare) built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian and frequented by poets and men of learning. - Random House

  • Peterson's Farm

    coolest cows I have seen.

  • Genki

    great kids meal, no crayons or anything but for 375 you get quite a spread with yakult yogurt drink! good stuff

  • Genki

    I lied! It is $5.75 for the kids meal.

  • Tennessee valley beach

    the Tennessee valley trail is wide and flat enough for a good stroller and the beach has small rocks that are good for hours of toddler fun without the cleanup involved in sand. trail is 2 miles. come early to avoid the crowds.

  • James Kennedy ballfield

    the field seems nice enough. nothing to write home about though.

  • Creekside playground

    i am not sure of the whereabouts of the creek but there is a nice small play structure and grass.

  • Cheese board pizza

    i wanted to hate this place when I saw the line and had two children with me...strong runners. then the band started and I tasted a corn feta jalepeno pizza. I will be back for sure!

  • Grove playground

    2 playstructures and tennis/playfields. very spacious fun.


    Baseball/softball fields. Multi-purpose turf . Full basketball court.Tot play area featuring tot train, swings, comfortable benches.School-age play area featuring popular 40-foot hill slide, large swings, track ride, 8' high wood structure with slide, sliding pole, and net climberPicnic areas for groups and individuals, including BBQ.Hiking/trails through sunny glade and groves of magnificent oaks, bay trees, and redwoods.Vista/overlook.Two forks of Codornices Creek.Tunnel underneath Euclid Avenue leading to the Berkeley Rose Garden

  • Herschell-Spillman carousel

    Hand carved, $2 per rider. Great after a day at the lake or the farm!

  • Coyote Point

    There's a nice wildlife museum, and a park with a good playstructure and places to walk around

  • Cactus Taqueria

    Lively chipotle-esque joint with tasty burritos!

  • Smart Alec's Intelligent Food

    Cheap eats and baked fries- YUM!

  • Pyramid Brewery

    THe noise masks the kids screaming and they have a great kids menu.

  • Buena vista mountain top

    a beautiful summit after a short urban hike. my 16 month old can even hike the whole way. plenty of butterflies, dogs, squirrels and crows to check out along the way.

  • Butterfly restaurant

    fancy spot, good food, kids menu

  • Stinson playground

    along a beautiful highway between bolinas and Stinson. decent play structures.

  • Sellers markets

    Delicious local, organic food with a Mac n cheese for any small picky pallet. this location is smaller than the one on second but they have the same great food and even high chairs!

  • Glenwood Springs Hot Springs

    $16.5 gets you a day in one of the most fun, natural pools in the country! There is a giant therapy pool which is hot tub temperature, two kid pools (deep vs shallow), a lap pool, and water slides. Lockers and showers to boot!

  • Illegal Pete's

    Excellent Burritos just don't try changing any diapers in the bathroom:)

  • Illegal Pete's

    Excellent Burritos just don't try changing any diapers in the bathroom:)

  • Long Lake

    This lake is only 1/4 mile hike which was short enough and fun enough for my 15 month old. It takes you to an amazing isolated lake. Hike in to the left and find a secret beach to play.

  • Brainard Lake

    This lake is crystal clear and shallow for wading. Although, very cold it is a great place for throwing rocks and taking in Colorado's amazing beauty without hiking anywhere. $9 gets you a 5 day pass.

  • Carousel of Happiness

  • North boulder park

    we almost didn't make it to the playground because there is such a nice pile of decorative rocks on the south end of the park. playground is nice but slightly dated and in small rocks too.

  • Redstone playground

    a really nice woodsy playground with facilities in the middle of a sweet mountain town surrounded by red rocks. a river is nearby to play in or throw rocks too.

  • Glenwood springs hot springs

    watersides, kid area, and natually hot water!

  • World cafe

    kick ass sandwiches and great picnic tables for a perfect summer afternoon snack. awesome fresh local organic produce, peaches and ice cream. port a potty was a little gross

  • World cafe

    not amazing for playing but there are a few trucks and cars to play with in the shop in case of an emergency. the food and groceries are 5 star though.

  • Ouray hot springs and rec center

    set in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges, this playground is a great break from a long day of driving. there is also a pool and water park with natural hot springs.

  • Durango playground

    Santa Rita park is really nice!

  • Zia

    my baby ate a whole baby burrito!

  • County Farm Park

    One of the best in Michigan

  • George George Park

    Golf course turned kid heaven with every piece of play equipment imaginable (at the time it was built)

  • Booth Park

    Has a great playground!

  • Wooden Playground

    There is a tot lot with a full size trolley and a castle that mimics the city fire station. It is good for all seasons too with a sledding hill.

  • Belle Isle Park

    Listed as a premier playground freaturing half acre of renovated, safe, and especially cool play structures like a double decker merry go round!

  • Market square park

    swings, seesaws, grass, tennis, basketball and play structures.

  • The scoop ice cream

    moomers ice cream on tap!

  • Roadhouse

    good Mexican goon considering the distance from Mexico. festive and fun atmosphere for the fam.

  • Crystal mountain lodge

    a few books and a small play table may not keep the interest of more civilized children but sometimes it's all you need. very comfy chairs for mom too!

  • Crystal mountain playground

    small sandy fun

  • Crystal mountain water playground and resort

    this could be the coolest playground in existence. it is also right next to an amazing spa for the mom mappers!

  • Moomers

    best ice cream. holy giant portions

  • Bessie river

    boat launch and small grassy area next to a homestead lodge. not too well maintained but river access is always fun!

  • Super 8 Rifle

    this motel apparently has a small playground

  • St. Sophia Nature Center

    Top of the mountain from the gondola

  • Telluride Historical Museum

    Summer Hours br /Tues - Sat br /11-5pm br /1-5pm on Sundays br /Open until 7 br /on Thursdays br /(locals day) br /

  • Telluride Town Park

    music festivals and host to campgrounds, softball fields, a frisbee golf course, sand volleyball courts, a skate park, soccer fields, a public outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, kid's fishing pond, Imagination Station playground, basketball courts and more

  • Lake Cadillac Kenwood Park

    Lifeguards on duty, picnic area, grills, beach, boat ramp, volleyball, and Frisbee golf.

  • Platte River Point Lake Michigan

    Beautiful sunsets. Lots of skipping stones. You can raft or boat to here down the river too. There is a grassy picnic area too. Overcrowding is the only drawback.

  • Cerry Hut

    Classic diner with amazing cherry pie (and I don't like cherry pie:)

  • Grocer's Daughter Chocolates

    Great little shop, amazing little chocolates.

  • Riverside canoe rental

    fun river rafting and boating. great ice cream. small market for essentials and American flag bandanas.

  • Sleeping bear dunes

    beautiful, scenic and fun. be careful, if you go down you have to come back up. if you are with kids, you may end up having to carry them up. it's a workout! try jumping and watch how far you fall:)

  • Chimney corners resort

    great lake view, decent food, eat outside or in, order at the counter. it is connected to what seems like a nice lodge but is located on the busy highway that circles crystal lake.

  • Albany Hill Park

    beautiful views and fragrant eucalyptus make this a perfect urban hike.

  • Peasant meadows family recreation center

    cool mini golf, disc golf and fun! baby clubs too. $5/ adult

  • Heron valley swim club

    this is a membership swim club but outside are picnic tables and BBQ pits. there is also a small playground open to the public. if I were you though, I would just join the club. the pool is top notch with wading, diving, laps and fun jumping games.

  • Heron valley swim club

    in the summer this park is open to the public with picnicking in the shade. it primarily serves the private swim club but is fun for all.

  • Frisinger playground

    fairly new play structure with a merry go round!

  • Frisinger park

    pretty nice spot!

  • Lansdowne park

    nice field with soccer goals and a picnic table

  • Lanslowne playground

    a nice little playground/ park. no fence. sandbox. infant swing and double swing as well as normal swings.

  • Childrens aviation museum

    really cool playground at terminal 2 to the left of security by the entrance to terminal 3

  • Miller community center, playground, ballfield

    great space for sports and play. the playground is great and has a splashing fountain for summer months.

  • Montibellier Park

    The park contains huge play structures for tots and older kids. Tennis courts, sledding area, outdoor grills and more.

  • Allmendinger Park

    Lots of Shade trees!

  • Rolling Hills Park

    This park has something for everyone: giant water slides, wave pools, children's play area, Frisbee golf, sunbathing areas and more.

  • My Urban Toddler

    Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm

  • Independance Lake

    County-run swimming beach, sprinkler park and concession stand 20 minutes north of Ann Arbor.

  • Greenlake wading pool

    on a summer day, this is the best place in the world to take your kids! the only downside is no parking lot so fend for yourself on the street. the water is clean and bathrooms nearby.

  • Essentials bakery

    delicious, one coffee table for kids to eat at. spacious and lively.

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