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  • Wolfe's Neck Farm

    Wolfe's Neck Farm is open year-round and is free to visitors. This historic 626-acre farm on the Maine coast is dedicated to sustainable agriculture, environmental education, and community well-being through the enjoyment of the natural landscape. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/avu0ir

  • JW Marriott San Antonio - 18 Oaks

    I ordered a porterhouse at the upscale, yet rustic 18 Oaks at the brand-spankin' new JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa. They serve all local, organic grass and oat-fed beef. They may have converted me to a meat-eater. I keep daydreaming about that dang steak. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/9ELuKv

  • Ruby Foo's

    As a foodie, it was difficult for Meryl to narrow down all of New York's restaurants to name her three favorites for families. She recommends Tony's diNapoli for Italian food served family-style on big platters for everyone to share; Virgil's Real Barbecue for succulent barbecued chicken wings, hot links, pulled pork, hot dogs and more; and Ruby Foo's for Asian fusion cuisine served on Lazy Susans in the center of the tables. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • Virgil's Real Barbecue

    As a foodie, it was difficult for Meryl to narrow down all of New York's restaurants to name her three favorites for families. She recommends Tony's diNapoli for Italian food served family-style on big platters for everyone to share; Virgil's Real Barbecue for succulent barbecued chicken wings, hot links, pulled pork, hot dogs and more; and Ruby Foo's for Asian fusion cuisine served on Lazy Susans in the center of the tables. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • Tony's diNapoli

    As a foodie, it was difficult for Meryl to narrow down all of New York's restaurants to name her three favorites for families. She recommends Tony's diNapoli for Italian food served family-style on big platters for everyone to share. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • Hayden Planetarium

    Hayden Planetarium, located in the American Natural History Museum, is a favorite destination for grade school field trips, and for good reason. Kids love to come here to learn about planets, stars, and the moon. Plus, according to Fodor's Family: New York City with Kids, "Movies projected on the IMAX screen offer a perfect way to rest tired feet." More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • New York Aquarium

    Coney Island's New York Aquarium entertains children with fish and sea creatures galore as well as popular sea lion shows. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • Children's Museum of Manhattan

    Children's Museum of Manhattan has areas specifically created for little ones to explore. An area called Play Works is an educational play area designed as a mini-city especially for toddlers. Kids also enjoy the museum's art projects, sing-alongs, storytelling sessions, and a do-it-yourself puppet theatre. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • The Highline

    The Highline was an old rusted-out railroad track that has been transformed into what Meryl called, "an experience unto itself." While it is not appropriate for the stroller set, teens and tweens love exploring this long, narrow elevated park from Gansevoort Street to 20th Street in the Meat Packing District. You can people watch, grab some tasty food, and watch boats on the river. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • Central Park Conservatory Garden

    Central Park's Conservatory Garden is a free botanical garden that provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are three formal gardens with flora, fauna, and fountains that Meryl promises all ages will find interesting. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • The New Victory Theater

    The New Victory Theatre specializes in performances for families with children such as plays, puppet shows, dance performances, musicals, and juggling acts. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • 92nd Street Y

    The 92nd Street Y hosts a Hanukkah Festival each year at which children can build their own menorahs, make candles, and decorate dreidels. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/5UKoan

  • Mona Lisa Pastry Shop

    Mona Lisa Pastry Shop, a family-owned bakery that specializes in Italian goodies like cannoli, biscotti, and pignoli cookies. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/5UKoan

  • Rockefeller Plaza

    No matter your children's ages, Meryl advises visiting Rockefeller Center after its famous Christmas tree is already up rather than attending the crushingly popular tree-lighting ceremony. You can take in the beauty of the huge twinkling evergreen tree and watch the skaters, or lace up some rental skates and take a spin on the world-renowned ice rink. Afterward, do some holiday shopping at the center's 49 shops. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/5UKoan

  • Bass Pro Shop

    Attached to the Silverton Casino is Bass Pro Shop, a huge sporting goods and outdoor recreation store featuring an indoor waterfall and live ducks. The aquarium and shop provide a pleasant, free diversion for all ages. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/asi30q

  • Wolfgang Puck's Spago

    Our German waiter was a delight, chatting up my daughter and providing multiple spoons for my son's entertainment. Adult entree salads and pizzas start at $12, with more fancy-schmancy items going for up to $52. Mickey-Mouse-shaped pizza and other kid favorites are available for $7. Noisy families (like ours) may feel more comfortable seated on the patio than in the upscale dining room. More at travelmamas: http://bit.ly/asi30q

  • Caesars Palace

    That night we drove to Caesar's Palace for more shopping and food. A giant fountain in the style of Rome's Trevi Fountain impressed my children, if briefly. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/asi30q

  • Silverton Casino

    Silverton's aquarium of colorful fish, stingrays, and sunken pirate treasure mesmerized the kids. Attached to the casino is Bass Pro Shop, a huge sporting goods and outdoor recreation store featuring an indoor waterfall and live ducks. The aquarium and shop provide a pleasant, free diversion for all ages. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/asi30q

  • Ethel M's Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Garden

    During a brief walk-through tour we witnessed workers swirling apples in tubs of caramel and boxing up chocolates. Then we indulged in a few sweets from their chocolate shop. Don't miss the PB & J-filled milk chocolate, Ethel M's tasty bestseller. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/asi30q

  • Southern Nevada Zoological Botanical Park

    We asked our friend, Frank Seidman, a Las Vegas resident and father of four children, where to go for off-Strip affordable family fun. Per his instructions we steered clear of the Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park, about which he said, "Only go if you want to see a handful of half-dead animals in tiny cages." No thanks! More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/asi30q

  • Enoteca San Marco

    To start, my husband and I split a salad of mixed greens served with pomegranate seeds, shaved parmesan, and prosciutto. It was just a salad, but wow, what a salad! No wonder Mr. Batali is an Iron Chef! Salads are $14; dinner entrees are $16-$30. While there is no children's menu, Enoteca will happily prepare a small plate of pasta with butter or marinara sauce for your little one. However, with a pricetag of $15 you may want to pack a sandwich or feed the kids elsewhere beforehand. More at travelmamas: http://bit.ly/asi30q

  • Krispy Kreme

    Visiting Krispy Kreme each morning at the Castle Walk was the highlight of our Excalibur stay. My daughter enjoyed witnessing the circles of freshly-fried dough being doused with glaze even more than eating the donuts. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/asi30q

  • Pineland Farms Market & Welcome Center

    Pineland Farms in nearby New Gloucester sounds just as appealing with its public garden, pond stocked for fishing and maintained for ice-skating in the winter, horseback riding, tours of their creamery, and onsite cafe. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/aiC1Gx

  • L.L.Bean Flagship Store

    We spent oodles of time exploring the town's centerpiece, L.L. Bean's Flagship Store. This massive complex full of comfy clothes and outdoorsy supplies could keep any shopper or warmth-seeking tourist happy and entertained for hours. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/aiC1Gx

  • Wilbur's of Maine

    This was one of the most adorable candy shops I have ever visited, and I have been to a lot of candy shops. There were hand-tied packages of foil-wrapped chocolates, gummy candies, and lollipops aplenty. Be sure to pick up some absolutely addicting chocolate covered cranberries as a sweet souvenir of your travels! More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cwcbfx

  • When Pigs Fly

    If you are looking for a baked goodie while in Freeport, I advise stopping by When Pigs Fly, a bakery that specializes in artisanal breads. Choose from options like "Carrot Cake" Bread, Chocolate, and Chipotle Black Bean. Scrumptious samples are available for noshing along with accompaniments like pumpkin butter. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cwcbfx

  • Isamax Snacks

    Wicked Whoopies has a little shop (Isamax Snacks) in downtown Freeport that offers whoopie pies in over a dozen flavors. They were once featured on Oprah's "O" List. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cwcbfx

  • Harraseeket Inn

    For the most upscale and coveted dinner in town, be sure to make reservations at the Harraseeket Inn's Main Dining Room. Our friend the local cabbie, Dan of AB Cab Company, promises you won't be disappointed. We tried to snag a table but the hostess seemed none too pleased at our apparently ridiculous request for a table sans reservations. Plan ahead, people! More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cwcbfx

  • Azure Cafe

    We liked our meal so much that we returned for lunch on the day of our departure, which unfortunately did not live up to our glorious evening meal here. (Hint: I'd steer clear of the fish n' chips. They were bland and a tad mushy.) More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cwcbfx

  • The Muddy Rudder

    The ambiance was elegant, if a bit dated. The Deep Dish Lobster Pie was a hearty, creamy dish perfect for a chilly night. The live piano music was a nice touch. But really, the reason to come here is for a slice of their High Peanut Butter Pie. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cwcbfx

  • Isabella's Stickey Buns Cafe & Bakery

    For breakfast, be sure to grab a namesake-worthy sticky bun at Isabella's Sticky Bun Cafe. Be prepared to wait for a table at this counter service restaurant. You can get other affordable breakfast items here too like omelets, other baked goods, and breakfast sandwiches plus gourmet coffee drinks. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cwcbfx

  • Friendly's

    If you are looking for a fun place for families, head to Friendly's. The menu of hamburgers, sandwiches, and chicken strips at this informal, sit-down chain restaurant is sure to be a hit with the kiddos. Their extensive ice cream menu is a real crowd-pleaser. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cwcbfx

  • Freeport Chowder House

    Good place for a lobster roll. "It consisted of large, succulent pieces of lobster on a white roll with lettuce and mayonnaise. I found it a little bland but if you love big chunks of fresh lobster, you'll probably love this. While it smelled wonderful, it didn't have much flavor to it. We seemed to be the only ones who minded because the other customers were slurping that stuff up like crazy." More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cwcbfx

  • Wolfe's Neck Farm

    This historic 626-acre farm on the Maine coast is dedicated to sustainable agriculture, environmental education, and community well-being through the enjoyment of the natural landscape. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/avu0ir

  • Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon

    Karissa was served the Nursery Tea, which came with three tea sandwiches (cucumber, PB&J, and egg salad), a scrumptious scone with clotted cream and jam, and four mini sweets as well as hot or cold tea ($14, for children 12 and under). I opted for a slice of quiche Lorraine served with a green salad ($12). Karissa spent the meal fishing the colored heart and star sugar shapes out of the sugar bowl with which to overload her cup of fruity tea. More at travelmamas: http://bit.ly/9bIkBk

  • Mona Lisa Restaurant

    It was a fabulous spot for families: busy, noisy, with lots of colorful eye candy. It's the kind of place where waiters coo, "Bello bambino!" at your toddler, and the tables are squished together creating forced camaraderie with neighboring diners. More at travelmamas: http://bit.ly/9bIkBk

  • Mel's Drive-In

    The food was mediocre; I didn't even finish my watery vanilla shake (a sin for a dessert lover like me!). However, the kids enjoyed the free balloons and jukebox stocked with doo-wop songs. Karissa was impressed when her chicken nuggets drove onto the table in yellow car made of paper. Kids' meals served in a Mel's car cost about $5-$7, including a drink. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/9bIkBk

  • Pier Market Seafood Restaurant

    A seafood restaurant with a view of the boats bobbing in the harbor -- the most memorable part of the meal was the warm sour dough bread - tangy, crispy, and chewy in all the right ways. Standard kids' meals went for $4.95 each. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/9bIkBk

  • SusieCakes

    Plan to inhale a cupcake on-site and then take a few home (or back to your hotel) to savor later. It's not that the staff was not welcoming to children. In fact, the gals behind the counter seemed quite smitten with our kids. The minimalist pastel decor was lovely too. It's just that, besides a handful of small tables, there isn't a whole lot of space to sit at the Newport Beach location. It's not a place you necessarily go to linger over dessert with cup of coffee (or milk). More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/9vobuF

  • Knott's Berry Farm

    Located in Buena Park, California, Knott's Berry Farm is America's original theme park. It is better known for its scary Halloween Haunt, but a visit during the holiday season is sure to delight all ages with its fun and festive shows, decorations, and activities. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/fAroYV

  • Ristorante Tuscany's

    My favorite meal at the San Juan Marriott was at the fancier Italian Ristorante Tuscany. In my opinion, pasta is this restaurant's strong suit. I particularly enjoyed the appetizer Fiocci, darling little purse-shaped pasta topped with a creamy cheese sauce served alongside a gorgonzola and pear salad. The tray of scrumptious mini desserts was a big hit too! More at travelmamas: http://bit.ly/aNTHrw

  • La Vista Restaurant

    Each morning we started our day at the San Juan Marriott with either room service or the plentiful breakfast buffet at La Vista Restaurant. The array of pastries (like M&M muffins!) and selection of fresh fruits were a big hit with my five-year-old, Karissa. I appreciated the vanilla-flavored oatmeal and the made-to-order omelets. More at travelmamas: http://bit.ly/aNTHrw

  • Jam Rum Bar and Bistro Moderne

    If you'd like a fancier meal but don't want to book a sitter, look no further than Jam Rum Bar & Bistro Moderne! This restaurant has a modern, candy-colored decor, serves scrumptious food, and offers a "kids' lounge." When the kids got restless, we sent them off to play with building blocks, color with crayons, and watch movies in this little room just around the corner from the dining area. More at Travelmamas.com: http://bit.ly/aNTHrw

  • Raices

    To get a taste of traditional Puerto Rican cuisine, we went to Raices. All of the adults ordered some version of Mofongo; mashed green plantains served with a choice of protein. I got mine with garlic shrimp. While it was tasty, I preferred the side of fried ripe plantains. Yum! More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/aNTHrw

  • Prospect Park Zoo

    Brooklyn's Prospect Park Zoo is perfect for preschoolers because its exhibits and educational programs encourage hands-on learning about animals. Its smaller size makes it a manageable activity to tackle with young children. More a Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls

    This was a bit of a treat for me since I had not visited this lesser known church on my previous visit. It was lovely, but certainly not a must-see for first-time visitors. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/b6rUWL

  • Soda Jerks

    After taking in a few rides, head over to the Soda Jerks Fountain Service for hand-dipped ice cream sundaes. This ice cream parlor, also located on the pier, has limited counter seating inside (next to the indoor carousel) plus outdoor tables at which to gobble up your goodies. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/artbEC

  • The Yard

    If traveling with kids, you should know there is no children's menu or high chairs. The Yard would probably make a better date night than a family dining option if you can manage to snag a sitter one evening while in Santa Monica. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/ajpZFt

  • Irvine Regional Park

    The next time you are planning a trip to Disneyland, schedule an extra day or two to explore the nearby Irvine Regional Park. I fall a little more in love with this park every time I visit this treasure in California's Orange County. You could easily spend a whole weekend just exploring this 477-acre park with its plentiful hiking trails, zoo, horse rentals, miniature train and more- all amid tall, leafy trees and the natural beauty of Southern California. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/fQtlfd

  • San Diego Botanic Garden

    This is one of San Diego's best hidden gems. It contains not one but TWO childrens gardens full of hands-on activities. Plus there are plenty of walking paths lined with beautiful plants and flowers from around the world. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/aSg04O

  • Rio San Antonio Cruise

    The boat tour was a fun little adventure for the kids, while the entertaining commentary about San Antonio by the boats captain was educational for the adults. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/9ELuKv

  • Alamo Cafe

    This place was big on atmosphere, with mini rivers running throughout its interior and giant American and Texas flags draped across one wall. The highlight for my five-year-old daughter was watching the ladies in traditional Mexican garb rolling out handmade flour tortillas. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/9ELuKv

  • The Alamo

    Walk the Alamo's lovely grounds, toss pennies for luck into a fountain, wander through the compound's three buildings, and read about why we should Remember the Alamo, all for free! More at Travel Mama: http://bit.ly/9ELuKv

  • Bolivar Cafe

    A local couple pointed us up the hill to Bolivar Cafe in La Villita where we tried some Paleta Bars, a Mexican frozen fruit bar. These yummy all-fruit treats (in flavors like coconut, lime, strawberry, or mango) were worth the climb. More at Travel Mama: http://bit.ly/9ELuKv

  • River Walk San Antonio

    After wandering along the picturesque paths lined with shops and restaurants aplenty, it's easy to see why this is such a popular choice. Be forewarned that River Walk is not especially stroller or wheelchair accessible. (This meant a lot of stroller lugging for the hubs!) More at Travel Mama: http://bit.ly/9ELuKv

  • Cascade Bay Waterpark

    Last year we visited Cascade Bay in Eagan with my sister and her family. With three 13-year-olds of varying levels of waterslide bravery, a toddler, a preschooler, and three adults and there were pools, slides, fountains, and a lazy river to keep everyone content. More at Travel Mama: http://bit.ly/cmUwZi

  • Tucci Benucch Restaurant

    My favorite restaurant at the Mall of America is the Italian eatery, Tucci Benucch, with its wide array of pastas that both adults and kids gobble up! More at Travel Mama: http://bit.ly/cmUwZi

  • Nickelodeon Universe

    Nickelodeon Universe is a themed amusement park that fills the center of the mall. Promise the kiddies a ride or two for good behavior after shopping, or make a day of it and purchase a wristband for the best all-day savings. More at Travel Mama: http://bit.ly/cmUwZi

  • Mall of America

    Wear some comfy shoes and plan to walk A LOT. Know that you will not be able to visit all 400 Mall of America stores in one day! There are two huge food courts plus numerous tasty restaurants to choose from. More at Travel Mama: http://bit.ly/cmUwZi

  • Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

    Children adore the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, a grassy park filled with flowers and unusual, modern sculptures. What kid wouldn't be enthralled by a giant spoon holding a shiny, red cherry? More at Travel Mama: http://bit.ly/cmUwZi

  • Minnesota Zoo

    The Minnesota Zoo is one of the best I have ever visited. The verdant exhibits give animals like caribou, moose, and brown bears plenty of space to roam. On a rainy (or snowy) day, stick to the indoor shark and dolphin exhibits or wander through the Tropics Trail. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/cmUwZi

  • Lake Harriet Rose Garden

    I always feel like I've stumbled across a secret treasure when I find this garden tucked across the street from Lake Harriet. This sweet-smelling park is free to the public and filled with roses of all colors. More at Travel Mama: http://bit.ly/cmUwZi

  • Chain of Lakes

    As soon as the snow begins to melt, the paths circling the lakes are filled with bicyclists, walkers, skateboarders and roller-bladers. Rent a canoe, paddle boat, bike or other fun stuff from Wheel Fun Rentals. In winter, go here for ice skating fun instead. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/cmUwZi

  • Serendipity 3

    An afternoon stop for a scrumptious dessert is a must. Meryl recommends Max Brenner's world-renowned chocolate shop or Serendipity3, which is famous for its frozen hot chocolate. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • San Diego's Birch Aquarium

    If you are on a tight budget, you are looking for an educational hands-on experience, or you are traveling with a baby or toddler who will have little interest in shows, choose Birch Aquarium. Admission prices are significantly lower and parking is free. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/8ZK04O

  • San Diego Wild Animal Park

    As members, my family has spent a tremendous amount of time at both the San Diego Wild Animal Park and its sister location, the San Diego Zoo. The camping tents on a hill near the lions at the Wild Animal Park piqued my curiosity during one visit. I learned the tents house Roar & Snore sleepovers. More at TravelMamas.com at http://bit.ly/5MxYRu

  • Rosita's Fine Mexican Food

    Rositas Fine Mexican Food offers kitschy decor and delectable dishes in Tempe. I used to wait tables here during college and I never tired of the extensive menu. Back then, I even stopped by on my days off to get my fix of chicken enchiladas with zesty red sauce, spinach enchiladas with creamy white cheese, or crispy flautas topped with guacamole. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/6V7KeT

  • Macayo's Mexican Kitchen

    If you are a tamale fan, you must try Macayos green chile tamale! There are numerous Macayos locations to choose from throughout Arizona and Nevada. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/6V7KeT

  • Ajo Al's

    Ajo Al's has three locations in the Valley of the Sun and one in Arrowhead, Arizona. One of their house specialties, and my dish of choice, is the Pollo Con Queso a fried chicken burrito topped with spicy cream cheese and melted cheese. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/6V7KeT

  • Coffee Plantation

    The original location recently shut down despite its numerous loyal fans, but you can still grab a good cup of joe or an Italian soda (with cream or without) in one of two Scottsdale locations. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/6V7KeT

  • Streets of New York

    With several locations throughout Arizona, Streets of New York makes the best pizza in Arizona as far as I am concerned. It is not fancy; it is just cheesy, saucy, crispy, chewy pizza goodness. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/6V7KeT

  • Chuckbox

    Hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches are cooked as nature intended over a huge flaming open fire. You might as well order some beer battered onion rings or deep fried zucchini while you are at it. Portions are huge, prices are low. The atmosphere is rustic, with wooden plank benches and glass mugs of beer or root beer. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/6V7KeT

  • Arizona Museum of Natural History

    This museum, located in Mesa, will probably take about half a day for your family to enjoy. Most impressive is Dinosaur Mountain, a display of life-sized animated dinosaurs on a cliff with booming flash floods that send water gushing down the display every 23 minutes. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/bo2qCW

  • Arizona Science Center

    With hands-on experiments complete with nobs to crank and buttons to push, children are too busy having fun to realize they are learning something too! The coolest part is the Forces of Nature exhibit, which simulates natural phenomena for those brave enough to step aboard the stage to experience the five-minute show (which repeats every 15 minutes). More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/bo2qCW

  • Hall of Flame Firefighting Museum

    The Hall of Flame Firefighting Museum boasts the world's largest collection of vintage fire trucks, ranging from a 1725 English hand pumper to more modern engine-powered models. This attraction will probably take about one hour to explore with young children and up to two hours with older kids who have more patience for reading the displays. You could combine a visit here with a day at the Phoenix Zoo, which is located just across the street. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/bo2qCW

  • McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

    The highlight of a visit here is climbing aboard the parks miniature steam train for a winding ride through the grassy park. Afterwards, kids can frolic about at the parks elaborate playgrounds before taking a spin on the Charros Carousel. My kids loved Hartley's General Store, which sells hand-dipped ice cream and an array of train toys. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/bo2qCW

  • The Eggery

    Located in Pacific Beach, you can sit on the back patio for a peek-a-boo view of the ocean, or stick to inside seating on a chilly morning. The eggs are fab. The waitstaff is attentive and accommodating. Don't miss the Breakfast Quesadilla. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/16njh5

  • The Fish Market

    When I'm craving a delicious piece of fish and have no babysitter, this is where my family heads for dinner. The fish is fresh and delicious. The atmosphere is kid-friendly (loud enough that noisy children are accepted). More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/16njh5.

  • Pizza Port Brewing Company

    Wait in line to order your pie. Then wait in line to order your brew. Meanwhile, send your spouse to save a table for your brood. Entertain the kiddies with quarters for the video games. When your name is called, sit down for a slice of cheesy heaven on a plate. The best way to avoid a long wait is to arrive before 5:30 or so in the evening. The wait, however, is worth it! More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/16njh5

  • Rubio's Mexican Grill

    If you want consistently good food that the whole family will love at affordable prices, go to Rubio's. With locations throughout the county, you are never far from your next fabulous fish taco. Kids love the cheese quesadillas or chicken taquitos. Colorful tropical fish swim about in tanks at many locations, adding to the kid appeal. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/16njh5

  • Tournament of Kings, Excalibur Hotel and Casino

    Since Excalibur is one of the older hotel casinos, the air filtration system seemed woefully less efficient than that of other casinos. The scantily-clad female dancers gyrating on a low stage near the front entrance forced us to take the long route through the cigarette-smoke-filled casino to our room each night, which worsened toddler Leo's asthma. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/asi30q

  • Circus Circus Adventuredome

    We wound our way through throngs of people to the Adventuredome, an indoor amusement park that charges $4-$5 per ride. I admit my daughter loved the carousel and mini Ferris wheel, but I found their selection of rides for children under 42 inches meager and ho-hum. As a Disneyland Annual Passholder, perhaps my expectations were a tad high. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/asi30q

  • Corvette Diner

    Your. Kids. Will. Love. It. Here! Milk shakes galore, doo-wop music, dancing and singing waitstaff, tasty burgers and fries...what more could a kid want? This place is all about kids! The decor and music is strictly retro - from the 50s to the 70s. After dinner, head over to the game room for some air hockey, ski ball, and video games. More at TravelMamas.com: http://bit.ly/16njh5

  • Pacific Park

    Offers 11 rides including a roller coaster, a handful of fast food options, and carnival games galore. There is something so summery, retro, and joyous about taking a spin on a Ferris wheel on a pier perched over the ocean! There is no entrance fee to the park. You can purchase individual ride tickets or serious ride lovers can purchase an all-day wristband for unlimited fun. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/artbEC

  • House of Nanking

    The Sizzling Rice Soup, with its lemon-scented broth filled with vegetables and crispy rice, was worth the 40-minute walk from the pier. There is no kids' menu but you can order thick round chow mein noodles without sauce, vegetables or meat for picky eaters. Dishes cost about $9-$14. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/9bIkBk

  • Max Brenner - Union Square

    An afternoon stop for a scrumptious dessert is a must. Meryl recommends Max Brenner's world-renowned chocolate shop or Serendipity3, which is famous for its frozen hot chocolate. See more at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • San Diego Zoo

    This zoo is huge so if you have little ones who need to nap or you just don't want to spend an entire day gazing at animals, you should focus on the best the zoo has to offer instead of trying to see every single animal in one day. I provide the location of each recommended attraction in parentheses. More at Travel Mamas at http://bit.ly/8YsyVm

  • Children's Playground-Golden Gate Park

    Young children played on standard slides, swings, and climbing structures while older kids slid on torn pieces of cardboard down a two-story cement slide built into a hill. More at travelmamas: http://bit.ly/9bIkBk

  • Sugar Bowl

    Slide into a bubblegum pink booth in Old Scottsdale's Sugar Bowl and order my favorite, a Blarney Dream - a tall layered sundae of green mint syrup, vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, and butter pecan ice cream, topped with whipped cream and a cherry. See more at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/6V7KeT

  • American Museum of Natural History

    About the American Museum of Natural History, Meryl said, "What kid doesn't love dinosaurs? The girls go crazy for the Hall of Gems and all of the diamonds. And there are the kitschy dioramas of animals from when the museum first opened. It's a museum that every single kid loves!" More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • Aquarium of the Bay

    I have seen my fair share of aquariums and for the price, this one can be skipped. The moving walkways were broken, the exhibits were not well lit, and while there certainly were fish, I didn't see anything spectacular. If you must go, look for employees in the center of the pier handing out coupons for $2 off for adult tickets and $1 off children's prices. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/9bIkBk

  • Central Park

    A visit to Central Park costs nothing and gives visitors a real feel for the city. Plus, it's a great place for kids to run off steam. There are street performers to watch, rocks to climb, and ball games to join. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/cEI9C2

  • Ghirardelli Square

    Today there is a Ghirardelli's Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop, which doles out free chocolate samples at the door. You can indulge in gooey sundaes or stock up on cable-car-shaped tins filled with treats as souvenirs. You can also view a few original machines stirring up vats of chocolate and read the signs about how chocolate is made aloud to your kids, if they'll listen. More at travelmamas: http://bit.ly/9bIkBk

  • Golden Gate Park

    Covering over 1,000 acres, it is even bigger than New York's Central Park. In fact, it may be too big. Everything is so far spread that you can only plan to hit one, maybe two sites in a single day. The park lacked sufficient signage so I purchased a map for a couple of bucks from a little hut that sold post cards and the like. More at Travelmamas: http://bit.ly/9bIkBk

  • Legoland California

    From themed rides and LEGO brick building stations to musical fountains and roller coasters, LEGOLAND California has something to please everyone. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/dzVHp2

  • Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

    The Santa Monica Aquarium may be the smallest aquarium I have ever visited but it is a non-profit and admission fees are minimal. My five-year-old enjoyed creating a paper shark puppet while her toddler younger brother gazed at the tanks of fish and got a chance to pet a sea star. More at Travel Mamas: http://bit.ly/artbEC

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